Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is my personal information protected with your company?
A: Any personal information that you provide to any of our businesses are privacy protected. Your information will never be shared or sold to anyone!

Q: I signed up hours ago & have not received my validation email. I have had it resent to my email 3 times and still have not received it. Why??
A: First thing to do is check your SPAM folder to see if it went there. Make sure to whitelist and/or let your email client know the email is not SPAM - this will help others. Make sure you are using a reliable email provider, like On the signup page we list a bunch of email providers which block many emails from reaching you and they are not reliable for online marketers. Use You can send us your current email and your gmail account and we will change it and resend the validation email.

Q: How much does MyPaycheckWeekly Cost?
A: The cost involved is $1.00 per week. This is a weekly fee to maintain your status and your advertising benefits and each weekly
payment entitles you to additional advertising packages. The weekly amount is deducted from your account balance each week to save you processor fees. You must fund your account with any amount you wish (minimum $1.00) and will pay the payment processor fees at that time depending on the payment processor used.

Q: Can I Join for Free?
A: You can join for free and unlike most programs you can earn CASH as a Free Member! You can earn Referral Bonuses of $0.25 per week on the 10K Matrix for as long as your referrals remain upgraded. You can also earn from the built in 100% payout MPW Paid to Click section. The largest amount of cash to be earned at MPW is from participating in the matrix structure. As a Free Member you are not allowed to withdraw cash - you need to become an upgraded member first, which can be done directly from your Cash Balance.

Q: What types of payment processors do you take?
A: Currently we take Payza, SolidTrustPay, PerfectMoney and Bitcoin. These are used to fund your account balance, which is where you upgrade from.
If you want to use your credit card, you can do so though Payza or SolidTrustPay. (review their websites for full details). Login to the members area and click Deposit Funds to see if we have made any additions to the list of processors accepted

Q: What do I get for my $1.00?
A: For your
$1.00 you get 1000 Text Ad Impressions, 1000 Side Banner Impressions and 1000 Banner Impressions.
These ads are shown here on the various pages of MPW, along with other locations in our M2I network of sites.
You are also provided with 25 cash credits for Guaranteed Page Views on our MPW Paid to Click Section (50 page views).
You are also entitled to our host of marketing resources and enabled to earn cash through the multiple income steams offered at MPW, including that Paid to Click section paying 0.5 cent per click!

Q: What is the cost to continue in MyPaycheckWeekly?
A: There are WEEKLY fees of $1.00 to remain in the 10K Matrix with (Hence the Name:)!). At MPW, we do not want to just earn once, but have long term residual earning. We want to Collect a Paycheck EVERY Week! You can discontinue your account at any time by cashing out your cash balance before you have been downgraded. When your account upgrade is due, the script will look for the
$1.00 in your account balance. If it is there, it upgrades your account automatically. If your Account Balance is below the $1.00 needed, the script at MPW will send you a reminder email, asking you to bring your funds back up to the required level. Each day for 3 days, the script will attempt your upgrade again. If unsuccessful after the 3rd attempt, the script will downgrade your account and remove you from the matrix structure. (You will lose your current position and if you decide to upgrade in the future will go into the next available spot under your sponsor at that time). Once you have entered into higher matrices, there are additional charges to remain in those as well, but in most instances this will be paid from Reserve Wallets specific to that purpose.

Q: What is your policy on issuing refunds?
A: If you are not satisfied with the MPW program, you can receive a full refund by submitting a support ticket within 48 hours of your initial funding purchase. The refund will be to the original ecurrency account you purchased with. If you have used any of the provided product then you have accepted the terms of MPW and no refund will be issued. Your refund will be issued within 72 hours of request. Please keep in mind that commissions are paid instantly when you purchase.

Q: What is your minimum payout amount?
A: Our minimum payout amount is $2 from your Available Cash Balance after the first $4 in your Cash Balance is Reserved for the 10K Matrix. So in essence you need $6 in your Cash Balance to withdraw $2. Note that amounts in your Reserve Wallets are not available for withdrawal - they are used to purchase additional positions in the various Matrices.

Q: How often can I request a withdrawal?
A: Because our minimum withdrawal amount is so low, we have limited the withdrawal frequency to once per week. This way you get YourPaycheckWeekly!

Q: Why do you hold back $4 in my Cash Balance as Reserve?
A: We hold the $4 balance back so that it can be used to keep you upgraded in the 10K Matrix for 4 weeks. If you withdrew it all and missed a payment then you would lose your current matrix position which could be tragic. If you do not want to continue with MPW and want your entire cash balance cashed out then submit a support ticket and we will manually pay you the entire amount but you will be downgraded immediately and removed from the matrix. Allow 72 hrs for payment and this payment is subject to a 10% manual transaction fee.

Q: How quickly to you pay?

A: MPW will pay your payout requests within 72 hours of you requesting payment (Our normal schedule is between 12 & 48 hours). As soon as you have $2 in your Available Cash Balance (see limitation above) you can request the withdrawal from the Withdrawal page in your members area. You can request a maximum of one time per week.

Q: Am I allowed to purchase multiple positions?
A: We do not believe this is necessary as the earning potential for MPW is huge, but if your earning wishes are higher than what we provide, you can have as many additional positions as you like.
You cannot however do this from your current members area. You would have to signup again using your own referral link using a different email address and username.
This policy is also for multiple accounts from the same household. There is no problem with that.
NOTE: You are only allowed to have multiple positions if they are all upgraded. You are not allowed to create multiple positions in order to earn from the PTC section.
You can only use one account to earn on the PTC links. Multiple clicks from the same IP on different accounts is fraudulent and your accounts will be suspended immediately.

Q: Am I allowed to signup under more than one sponsor?
A: Yes you can. There are no limits to the number of accounts you have. For each account you would need a unique username and email address.

NOTE: You can only use one account to earn on the PTC links. Multiple clicks from the same IP on different accounts is fraudulent and your accounts will be suspended immediately.

Q: Do you have a Pay-It-Forward option?
A: Currently we do not. This becomes a problem after the first week if the member you pay for does not continue with their payments. What we have done is added a Member to Member Funds Transfer ability, where you can send funds to other members so that they can upgrade (only upgraded members can transfer funds and only upgraded members can withdraw funds)

Q: What if I do not want to participate in your affiliate program?
A: That is no problem at all. Our main focus is providing valuable advertising for a fair price. The affiliate program is just a bonus to help grow our business and those of our Advertising Partners. Remember we offer 3000 total advertising credits along with 50 Guaranteed Link Visits via our PTC area all for just $1!

Q: How Can I Use My Credit Card to Upgrade via Payza?
A: 1) Contact Payza to see if this is available to you.

Q: How Can I Use My Credit Card to Upgrade via SolidTrustPay?
A: 1) Currently you need to fund your SolidTrustPay account via your credit card first -
2) Signup and/or login to STP -
3) Add your Credit Card under MY BANKS AND CARDS
4) Submit the authorization form for the card you recently added (this link is also in MY BANKS AND CARDS:
5) Again go to MY BANKS AND CARDS - Add/View Debit/Credit Cards. On the far right of the screen select Edit/Update. Then Select the check box beside Form Sent.
6) Now you can deposit to STP using that card.
7) Go to MY MONEY >> DEPOSIT MONEY >> select the CREDIT/DEBIT OPTION. Once you make a minimum deposit of $5 your card will become verified.
8) Once those funds are available to you, then you can deposit here at MPW! (these instructions are directly from STP and subject to change - contact STP for details)

Q: What is the affiliate structure? Is there spillover possible?
A: The entire affiliate structure is a personally forced matrix with a maximum of 6 members on your first level.
All other members fall below so there is a possibility of spillover, but should not be expected or waited for.
The maximum number of levels is 4. See the Program Details page for a full explanation.
This 6X4 Matrix structure is then copied 5 times with increasing dollar amounts.

Q: Am I able to purchase directly into the matrices higher than 10K?
A: No you are not. You can only purchase into the 10K Matrix. The others (40K, 175K, 1000K and 4000K) can only be entered using funds in the respective Reserve Wallets, which contain only commission earnings. We have done this to be fair to all members, not just the ones who can afford to jump the lines in the higher cost matrices. We have also done this to ensure steady growth so that you are only ever out of pocket the $1 weekly for the 10K Matrix - all others hope to be self funding.

Q: How do I fill the matrices higher than 10K?
A: Those higher Matrices can be filled when someone you referred or someone in your downline gets entered automatically into that Matrix. Anyone you sponsor will eventually follow you into your downline in these higher Matrices. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU HELP YOUR DOWNLINE Sponsor Others AS WELL. You can do this by continuing to Promote YOUR Link after you have gotten your first 6 and also by promoting the links of your direct referrals. You can see all of your downline details and positions in your Manage Matrix Positions page. You can see who is in your downline by clicking on the number in the Level columns of the Matrix.

Q: Is this matrix Company Forced?

A: No it is not, each member refers others into their own "Team" and referrals they bring in will fall under them somewhere in their 6x4 matrix structure. This is called Personally Forced.

Q: Can I earn without referring others?
A: While it is possible to earn without referring, it is highly unlikely to earn very much. Affiliate marketing programs are normally built on referral commissions. If someone promotes to you saying that referring is not necessary then they are not someone to follow.

Q: I just deposited money into my account. Why does it not show in my members area?
A: Deposits via Payza, SolidTrustPay and PerfectMoney are automatically added to your Account Balance. All others are performed manually because of verification issues. The manual upgrades are always done within 24 hours but normally quicker. If yours has been MORE than 24 hours please contact us using the Contact Us link. Perhaps we have been unable to match the payment with the correct account - this sometimes happens if account information does not match the payment processor information.

Q: I just deposited money into my account but I do not have a position in the matrix. Why?
A: Becoming upgraded is a TWO-STEP Process here at MyPaycheckWeekly. First you need to Fund your Account and then you need to Purchase a Position.

Q: I am clicking the PTC Links every day, but they do not reset. I am only able to click on each link once to get credit. Why??
A: Each PTC is limited to one view per week. The advertiser is offered UNIQUE page views but we do also want them to get all the views they have paid for so we do reset them every week if they still have clicks available. New ads are added daily and the same advertiser could add a new link weekly and you will be able to click on those new links. Remember you can tell which links are paying by the icon beside each link - see legend in the PTC area.

Q: Who operates
A: MPW is owned and operated by Mike Peever of Ontario, Canada. Mike has been an online marketer since the late 1990s. He has been a program owner/admin for 7 plus years. His first sites are still online. was launched in early 2008 and still provides great advertising on the text ad site platform. His first affiliate marketing program, Steps2Infinity is still online as well. His other sites include;,,,,,, and to name a few. Any questions can be answered via our Support link.

Q: What if my question is not answered here?
A: Submit a support ticket by clicking on the Contact Us button in the top header.